Indian summer is, quite possibly, my favorite time of year. Summer is nearly over and autumn is upon us, but we can still look forward to the calm before the storm. Those unusually warm, dry days that appear just in time for us to wear sandals one last time. In the spirit of this time of year I have my eye on some great things that will compliment it perfectly.

1 • NARS eye shadow duo in the color Indian Summer It is the perfect combination of matte mustardy gold and shimmering taupe, almost a marriage between the colors of fall knocking at the door and the summer sand and sun saying farewell. The colors look beautiful on every eye color bringing out gold in green and blue eyes and creating a lovely contrast to brown eyes. 2 • Missoni for Target A designer that is a must-have for any season but evokes the perfect indian summer is Missoni. Thanks to their partnership with Target, we can all enjoy their designs from September 13 until October 22. There will be a women's, men's, and children's collection as well as bedsheets and dinner wear.
The classic Missoni zigzag and bright floral prints will be all over these items just in time for you to be seen in them during those last sunny, warm days. The exciting part will be transitioning them from indian summer to fall without a hitch. Thank you, Target, for once again being on your A-game! 3 • Skinny Jeans by J Brand and Forever 21 Skinny jeans with sandals are a great way to say so long to summer, but what says, “hello indian summer,” with a quick wave to autumn, are skinny jeans in the color of black cherry or red wine. The color adds spice and variety to your look, livening it up while staying warm, sunny, and sophisticated.
They are versatile and come the cool days of fall you'll be able to pair them with boots or closed-toe heels, but in the meantime, strappy sandals, a tank top, and a gauzy scarf will do your indian summer look justice. I have picked two for you, a J Brand pair that will last for many seasons to come as well as a pair from Forever 21 that will satisfy your craving immediately without a touch of guilt. 4 • Balenciaga Paris Eau De Parfume Fragrance can send you into a tail spin of memories from years past or just last weekend. Balenciaga Paris Eau De Parfume is a concoction of Chypre Violet and pure woods. It is said to be “A refined, feminine fragrance with a unique trail.” I could not agree more, it makes me remember my time at the ocean yet makes me eager for my autumn escapades. This one is a classic, you will wear it for years to come and the strongest memory that it may create for you is the memory of indian summer 2011. 5 • Covergirl’s Outlast Lipstain Cherry, orange, and fuchsia stained lips are reminiscent of eating popsicles all summer long. You can make those colors last you through indian summer and beyond. Paired with classic black eyeliner and a lightly bronzed nose you'll be looking as sun kissed and vivacious as ever. Your tan may be fading but there is no reason your lip color has to thanks to Covergirl's Outlast Lipstain. My favorite shades to make you ladies look your best no matter what your indian summer plans may be; Scarlet Pucker, Everbloom Kiss, and Wild Berry Wink.

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